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    RAID Rebuild, Windows XP Boot Screen Showing. Is it rebuilding?

    Stephen Smith

      I have 2 Volumes, both consist of 2 x 500GB Seagate Hard drives and both are RAID1 (Mirror).

      One of the volumes had a faulty hard drive. On system boot I pressed [ cntrl ] + [ i ] and the RAID manager started and I identified the faulty hard disk.

      After replacing this disk and going back to the RAID manager I was asked if I wanted to add the new disk to the degraded Volume which I did.

      Then it said the rebuild would continue in the OS. (Windows XP Pro)


      The Windows XP boot screen has been showing for the last hour now with the little blue progress bar rolling over and over.

      What I need to know is this:

           Is the RAID volume rebuilding or has something gone wrong?

           Can I go home and come back in the morning or am I screwed? e.g. RAID is not rebuilding!


      Any incite appreciated..