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    Windows 8 and Intel MSata driver incompatability.

    Daniel Sanders

      As a MS Gold partner I have the Windows 8 that is released to Manufactors and so its no longer a beta install.

      As it is, installing windows 8 to this drive takes around 6 hours to complete and once completed windows 8 works fine while its on the desktop but rebooting takes 4 hours to get back to the desktop.


      I have a MSi Windpad 110W with a Intel 310 SSD msata and AMD chipset.

      I have already tried the disable windows volume shadow copy service and that does not help in the slightest. At this point most Microsoft partners I have talked with have just recommended me to trash the Intel solid state drive and instead go with drive with a sandforce controller as they work with Windows 8.

      Has Intel got a update yet for this? I would prefer to stick with Intel than some other type.