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    Server Hardware for Essentials 2012


      Hello Intel Support Community,


      I'm looking at building a small business server for a client using the following components. Does anyone know if the following would be suitable for the intel  S1200KPR motherboard? Some if these components are not listed as tested with this series board.


      MS Server 2012 Essentials


      KVR13E9-4I -    4GB 1333MHz DDR3 ECC Unbuffered CL9 DIMM with Thermal Sensor, Intel Validated Memory for Single Socket E3 Series Xeon CPU based solutions


      BX80637E31220V2 -  Intel Quad Core Xeon CPU E3-1220v2, LGA1155, 3.2GHz 8MB CACHE, 4 Threads, TurboBoost, WITH FAN, 22nm (CPU is listed)