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    Intel SSD 520 Series 120GB Low Speed Problem


      I have run the Intel 520 120GB as my OS drive(Win7 64bit) for a couple of months.


      Recently, I've just tested it with Crystal Disk Mark 3.0.1, and the results showed that it only runs at 300MB read/write, which I believed that it is considered as very low since this Intel 520 should be in at least around 500MB.


      Here's the screen shoot of the test results.








      My mobo is Asus Rampage Extreme 3 and I'm running the SSD on 6Gbps Sata in AHCI mode. (I've double check in the BIOS).

      I've tried to change a new SATA cable and re-test it, but it doesn't change anything though.


      May I know what caused this poor performance? How to fix it? Do I need to RMA my SSD ?