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    HDMI Configuration issues

    Cristhian Jahir

      hi, i have problems with my integrated intel graphics, g41 express chipset, a few months ago, i bought an HDMI Cable, but i found an issue, the desktop is out of the borders of the screen, (my display is an HP 2309m), after trying finally i get the full hd resolution, but my operative system crashed a week ago, and i reinstalled it Windows 7 and the latest intel graphics driver, but i found the same issue, i tried to config as before in personalized resolutions (1920,1080,60 and CVB-RB), but is not possible because the resolution appears in 59herts and must be 60herts, well, i clicked in apply and the screen resolution appears to be ok, but when i reboot the computer, the issue of the reslution back, and change the refreshe rate to 59, and if i change to 60 the resolution is ok

      my desktop computer have windows xp too, the issue appear, but i fixed in personalized resolution and the issue do not back..

      windows 7 driver what i used:


      my mother board is gygabyte: ga-eg41mf-us2h, bios f5

      pentium dual core e5200

      3GB Ram

      a video showing the issue.


      sorry for the quality