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    DP45SH wont post - see testing in post

      I purchased a DG45SG and have been unable to get the board to post. Below is my configuration:


      1) intel DP45SG board with intel quad core 2.5

      2) Patriot DD3 memory - 2 sticks of 2gig (4 GIG total)  PC3-10666 1333MHZ

      3) 400 watt PS

      4) Gigabye ATI HD4550 video card


      I see on this board that there are numerous problems with this board and memory. I have not updated the bios due to not sure on the exact procedure for performing the update since the computer will not even post.


      Below is the testing I performed so far without any luck:


      1) Removed all memory and disconnected all but cpu and video card.

      Recieved 3 beeps and no video


      2) Inserted one stick of RAM with above configuration.

      Received no beeps , but no video


      3) Reset configuration jumper and restarted.

      Same results as # 2



      I have many systems over the years and lately using Intel boards almost execlusively without problems, but this one has me stumped. Any help would be appreciatred.