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    DX58SO vs DX58SO2 vs DX580G


      I am facing some serious problems with my PC that has a 2009 DX58SO motherboard, (now) a single Kingston 4GB DDR3 memory and a (possibly damaged) nVidia GTX285 video card (PCI-e x16). I want to get my system up and running again with the minimum expense, especially without buying a component that may not be damaged after all.


      One of the features I make use of my DX58SO is the eSATA ports in addition to the 12 USB ports (simulation workstation). At the moment I am not totally sure whether it is the video card (most likely) or the motherboard. Since the processors are so expensive I would like to retain my Intel i7-920 CPU (2.66GHz), that being an LGA 1366 socket CPU it leaves me with only three Intel motherboards to choose from:

      • DX58SO - what I already have, don't know if it is damaged and possibly damaging my components (any diagnostics?)
      • DX58SO2 - apparently adds USB3 support and an extra Gigabit controller I don't need and SATA 3
      • DX580G - apparently adds USB3 but has 6 channel audio instead of 10 and SATA 3


      In looking at the specs of the DX58SO2 and DX580G it is not clear whether these two also have eSATA (External SATA) ports, or just SATA ports? apparently my i7-920 processor is still compatible with these other two mobos.