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    DQ67SW Does this sound like PSU?


      (I hope I'm in the right section, wasn't too sure where to post this)



      Hi, I have the above mentioned board in a Velocity package PC (i5-2400, 12GB RAM, 1 SATA HDD, 1 SATA DVD-RW - pretty basic)


      Worked fine for about 4 months, up until this morning it wouldn't turn on (well it turns on - the lights go on - but it doesn't boot at all) Tried a few things, plugging in a video card to see if it was the onboard GPU, switching monitors, swapping out the RAM with just one stick from another working PC I have, swapping CPU with a working i3-2100, pulled BIOS battery to reset, with no success. Then i looked up the PSU requirement and it suggests 460W minimum. This only has a 400W. I actually tried swapping that with a 330W just to see, and it booted into the BIOS settings, but then restarted after a short while (tried this a couple times with the same result). I don't have any PSU larger than 400W to test, but if that sounds like a safe bet that it's the problem, i'll go buy a new one. I just don't want to wast $100 if it's some other problem. Does this sound like it's probably the PSU, or something else?


      Let me know if you need more info from me, I'll try my best to provide.




      EDIT: I just installed what i thought was the bad PSU into my other PC and it works fine. So the CPU itself isn't broken, BUT is it too underpowered maybe? Or is the motherboard the problem