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    RAID Key RKSAS8R5 Identification on Server Board S2600CP2



      I am building a new server with an Intel S2600CP2 mainboard and a C600 RAID Key (RKSAS8R5) to allow RAID 5 for SAS drives. I have changed the Mass Controller settings in the BIOS for the SAS/SATA controller to ESRT2.

      With this key I am able to enter the Embedded RAID II Configuration Utility and create a RAID 5 virtual disk but when I try to install the OS (Win 2008 x86, or 2008 x64, or 2008R2), it cannot see any disks even though I present the ESRT2 drivers for the respective OS. I have tried the ESRT2 drivers for both the S2600CP mainboard and for the AXXRAKSW5 key and neither work.

      If I decide to use the SAS/SATA controller in RSTe mode I can install the OS when I present the RSTe drivers,but this does not offer RAID 5, only RAID 0 and 1 are available, which is not a solution.

      I have noticed the message "Intel RAID Activation Key AXXRAKSW5 Authenticated" at the Embedded RAID II Configuration Utiltiy screen. The AXXRAKSW5 key is not meant for the S2600CP family of boards.



      Without any hard disk cables connected to the mainboard this message is present. I have updated the BIOS via the Server Management CD and via EFI and this still persists. I have even cleared the CMOS and it is still displayed. I requested a replacement RAID key from our supplier and the result is the same. When comparing the labels on the boxes for the 2 keys, all numbers and IDs are the same except for the serial number, so could it be a faulty batch???

      Here is a pic of this RAID key.

      C600 RAID Key - 01.JPG

      I have heard a source say that the key should be purple in colour (ie the plastic), whilst this key is black with a purple sticker. So have I got the correct key???