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    Raid Controller SRCSASLS41Configuration


      I have to replace a failed hard drive in an array at a client site.  I removed the drive, and got a replacement drive, and installed it.  When the server boots up, i get an error that there is a drive read error.  When I go into the Utility, I see that the drive is offline.  The options I have are to make the drive online, make it a hot spare, (global hot spare, or for the array only).  I am not sure how the array was configured when the server was first installed.  If I shut down the server, and remove the drive, the server boots up fine.  There are 3 hard drives installed, now, and they are functioning.  The web console utility does not list the Server, so I have to use the BIOS utility.  I am not sure where to go from here.  Your help will be greatly appreciated.