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    No network adapter?


      I have a Dell laptop.  Every time I start up, I get a little box at the lower right:  "Intel My  WiFi Technology:  Adapter not found."


      Now, the Intel My WiFi Technology applet in Control Panel says that "A supported Intel wireless network adapter was not found on this computer."

      However, the Device Manager (Network adapters) says that the Intel WiFi Link 5100 AGN is working properly.


      I'm confused.  What is going on, and what should I do, if anything? (I am typing this on a wireless network).

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          Hello, the recommendation when this happen as the first step will be to make sure that the switch that turns on and off the Wi-Fi adapter in your laptop is on, it is a common mistake to turn off this switch and receive this error.

          If that is not the case, it is possible that the wireless card stop working, if that is the case the recommendation will be to contact the OEM manufacturer of your system and see if they can replace the adapter or perform a test to make sure that the adapter is working properly.

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            But, despite that message, I do have wireless (I'm doing it now).  How can that be?

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              Hi Ernest, if your wireless adapter was able to connect to the router and browse the net, the error you're getting from wifi tech might just be a software problem, have you tried reinstalling the wifi tech?


              you may download the generic version of the software from the link below (do take note the generic version might not be tested on your laptop, it's best to you the version that comes with your laptop)

              Download Center


              hope this help