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    Intel 3570K / HD4000 - Screen flicker during login/logout in Windows 7?




      I have a computer consisting of an Intel 3570K CPU (HD4000 IGP) and an ASUS P8Z77-I Deluxe motherboard, running Windows 7 (64 bit).


      When logging in to Windows 7, the display should fade in gradually. But on my computer the screen flickers during this fade in phase and the fading is not completely gradual. Once the fade in phase has passed, the graphics works ok however. The flickering looks like one or more line horizontal lines jumping around at different vertical positions. Those lines have a different brightness than the rest of the screen. The same problem exists when logging out of Windows 7, when the display should fade out. The problem occurs at every login and logoff. When testing this on a different computer using a discrete NVidia graphics card I do not experience the same problem.


      I'm using the latest Intel Graphics driver ( All drivers for the ASUS motherboard are also the latest ones. And all Windows 7 64-bit updates are installed.


      So I just wonder if this is a known problem with the HD4000 IGP and Intel drivers? And is there anyone else that have noticed the same problem?


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