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    Help with LVDS and DN2800MT


      I would like to start this thread to help anyone which tries to connect an LVDS panel onto the DN2800MT. Maybe with some luck we get some one from INTEL interested to look at this and help us in the endeavour.


      Firstly let me say that I believed that it would be easy to hook up an LVDS driven panel. Maybe its just me but I must say it is a lot more difficult that I thought.

      I came across quite a lot of different information mainly due to outdated information rendered incorrect due to BIOS updates.

      Here is what I done so far.


      This is my setup


      1. INTEL Mother Board DN2800MT (AAG23738-600) BIOS version MT0158P (make sure you update to this BIOS otherwise the LVDS config is hidden)

      2. I have a Hannstar HSD110PHW1   TFT. This TFT LCD has a 11 (16:9) inch diagonally measured active display area with HD (1366 horizontal by 768 vertical pixel) resolution

      3. I had a cable manufactured by Shenzhen Sino-Media Technology Co., Ltd which are very good to work with. Here is the pin-out.

      JAE FI-X30SLACES 88441-40 or Starconn* 107F40
      1 GND Ground23 LCD_GND
      2 VDD 3.3V Power18 LCD_VCC
      3 VDD 3.3V Power19 LCD_VCC
      4 V_EDID 3.3V Power for EDID22 EDID_3.3 V
      5 PWM System PWM Signal Input33 BKLT_PWM_DIM
      6 CLK_EDID EDID Clock Input31 EDID_CLK
      7 DATA_EDID EDID Data Input40 EDID_DATA
      8 RXIN0- LVDS Signal - channel0-8 ODD_Lane0_N
      9 RXIN0+ LVDS Signal+ channel0+7 ODD_Lane0_P
      10 GND Ground23 LCD_GND
      11 RXIN1- Data Input channel1-6 ODD_Lane1_N
      12 RXIN1+ Data Input channel1+5 ODD_Lane1_P
      13 GND Ground24 LCD_GND
      14 RXIN2- Data Input channel2-4 ODD_Lane2_N
      15 RXIN2+ Data Input channel2+3 ODD_Lane2_P
      16 GND Ground24 LCD_GND
      17 RXCLKIN- Data Input CLK-27 ODD_CLK_N
      18 RXCLKIN+ Data Input CLK+26 ODD_CLK_P
      19 GND Ground
      20 NC NC
      21 NC NC
      22 GND Ground25 LCD_GND
      23 GND Ground
      24 VLED LED Input voltage 5V~21V36 BKLT_PWR
      25 VLED LED Input voltage 5V~21V37 BKLT_PWR
      26 VLED LED Input voltage 5V~21V38 BKLT_PWR
      27 LED_EN LED Enable Signal32 BKLT_ENABLE
      28 NC NC
      29 NC NC
      30 NC NC


      So far so good, I have been trying to configure the BIOS to get anything on to the screen at present all I manage to do is to turn on the Backlit LED.

      If anyone can help me that would be great.

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          Fabian Gomez


          I'm also looking for information on how to hook up an LVDS panel to my DN2800MT. Yesterday I found this pdf, which may help (as it clearly corresponds to DN2800MT, but bundled as dev kit prior to market release):




          Also, I do know if you're under winXP you have to generate a driver by using this specific version of EGMD:




          I'll keep checking this thread because until know finding information on this topic has been really hard.

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            Hi Dirk , I am Alex from Clientop of China . We are offer the LCD kit for all the LCD panel .  Here is our webstie on Alibaba :www.clientop.cn .


            According to your question ,I think you LVDS cable is something wrong . If your motherboard version is AAG23738-600 . You have to use "EVEN" LVDS channel of your motherboard . Not use "ODD" Channel .

            You can find this notice on the techProdSpec of DN2800MT(page 55) . However ,If you motherboard is AAG23738-800 . It should be connect to "ODD" Channel instead of "EVEN" Channel . Otherwise , You will only turn on the backlight of your panel but without any image on it .


            We also can make the LVDS cable for almost of Intel motherboard . Also we have experience to make the cable for DN2800MT for 10.1",14",15",15.6",17",19",20",21.5",22",23.6",24" etc. 


            If you are interested , You can look at this link :


            Hope to help you !

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              maji tooba


              i connected a 10" laptop LCD to LVDS by using a spare cable from laptop repair shop that connect to LCD in one side and wider tracks on another side.

              and then build a simple break-out single layer PCB for LVDS connector,LVDS signal are differential and has great immunity , you could solder and connect it with normal 0.05" flat cable or simple pin headers for rototypingphoto.JPG

              i connected it to LCD by soldering. i build it for prototype and working good.

              in widows7 every thing is OK during installation and after installed driver , but in windows XP driver not working correctly , it may need more effort.

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                Like the other members i have tried everything but nothing worked.

                I have tried different cables and combinations of LVDS connection but only back-light works.

                Have anyone solved this problem.

                I have done all the tests with 10.1" LED ,15.4" LCD monitor.


                Waiting your replies.

                Thank you in advance Eni.

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                  maji tooba

                  Hello Eni

                  if you have some electronic experience,you do the way i do.

                  hardware side:

                  0:check for LCD and backlight voltages on motherboard (3.3/5/12)

                  1:according to your motherboard hardware version (600 or above) connect to event or odd for single channel LVDS

                  2:build a single layer break-out PCB for motherboard LVDS (or use a ready LVDS-LCD cable)

                  3:connect signal names one to one with double check for accuracy

                  bios side:

                  1:update to latest firmware to support LVDS in bios

                  2:enable LVDS in motherboard and check for LVDS setting


                  build a pin-map between motherboard LVDS connector and your LCD connector,then check your cable wiring according to it.

                  you could find some helpful cables on laptop repair shop that helps

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                    I have done all the tests.


                    I would be very grateful if you help me with the schematic how you connect motherboard lvds with monitor lvds.

                    A paint or exel doc with the connections, and the bios configuration for the monitor you have used in the picture.



                    Eni Spahiu

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                      maji tooba

                      LCD to motherboard is complicated procedure,you should have electronic experience to know pin functions and diagnose procedure , i assume you have electronic experience ,

                      read "DN2800MT_TechProdSpec05" it shows motherboard LVDS pinout.

                      update bios to "MT0165P" , LVDS enabled in BIOS

                      check your LCD pinouts and find pair pins in mother board LVDS

                      if you have pre-made LVDS cable,check wiring according to pin functions

                      i build simple PCB instead of motherboard LVDS connector ,then soldered each pin from LCD to my PCB.

                      in above post you could see my simple setup.

                      LVDS connection to MT2800DN seems great but i have unsolved problem with windows XP driver,