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    CORE i7 2670QM underclocking



      I´m having a problem with my new Dell XPS 15, it has a core i7 2670QM processor and when it reaches 100°C it Underclocks from 10% to 60% (in about 10-20 minutes when doing intensive processing work), it´s a bad call since i need the full power from the CPU to work quicker on our applications (3d and some excel intensive (dynamic tables) work, Would this be a normal approach of the CPU model or should i consider calling a support tech guy? im very worried since when it underclocks, performance drops down dramatically at a point where mouse doesn´t respond.


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          This behavior could be caused because the processor is reaching high temperatures, I would suggest installing the latest BIOS version for your laptop system, and if this does not solve the issue, proceed to contact the laptop manufacturer since they are the ones that manufacture the cooling solution for your laptop processor.

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            I do have the latest Bios version for my laptop.. i will contact the manufacturer since i´m having registrered temperatures of 99° when the throttle happens, i have also experienced OS freeze (without BSOD´s),

            Thanks for the help Adolfo!