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    DH61WW BIOS VER. 0045

    Klaus Thane

      CPU temperature reported incorrectly in BIOS hardware monitor.  Please fix.

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          Please let us know how are you determining the temperatures are incorrect and what are those temperatures reported so we can confirm the issue.

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            Klaus Thane

            With Intel G630 the BIOS hardware monitor reports somewhere between 0-5 degrees C on DH61WW with 0045.  If i recall correctly this only occurs with the G series processors.

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              Please let us know the temperature reported in the BIOS and proceed to remove/reinstall the cooling solution, ensure it is properly attached to the motherboard, add additional thermal interface material if necessary. If the issue happens only with the Intel G630 and BIOS 0045 we will forward this inquiry for future consideration and investigation.

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                Fahim Tahsin

                I'm having the same issue since I updated my bios from .41 to .45. Currently i'm using revision .46 and the issue isn't fixed yet..the cpu fan monitor says cpu temp is 11degree Celsius which is almost impossible...but when i used third party applications in windows it reported 40degree Celsius..(Intel(R) Desktop Utility)

                Previously my bios reported 40 degree...but now its 15degree which is totally absurd..this should be fixed soon....

                My desktop board is DH61ww....

                BIOS Version BEH6110H.86A.0046(latest)

                Processor i3-2100 sandy bridge

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                  Hi all.

                  I have same problem after BIOS update.

                  Before BIOS update (V 0041) CPU temp. ~ 47 C, after update (to 0046) CPU temp. ~9 C.


                  Motherboard BH61WW

                  CPU i5-2310
                  BIOS BEH6110H.86A.0046