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    Intel® Desktop Board DH67CL Questions ???


      hi !


      i have bought

      Intel® Desktop Board DH67CL

      with Intel coreix3 processor and 6GB RAM 200GB Hrdisk

      i have updated from intel DH61WW core ix3 to Intel DH67CL core ix5.

      Intel® PC-Mainboard DH67CL


      i have few questions about Intel DH67Cl Mainboard because i am new to this board.


      when i use intel DH61WW core ix3 i have no problem but when i install my RAM and hrdisk on my new intel DH67CL Board i have face new issues ;


      my old windows installed with old intel DH61WW board run slow on my new Board intel DH67CL , so i foramt my windows and install Windows 7 64bit agian, when pc format and start copying files i restart my PC and try to format it agin but i notice that my partition s were not shown in that format dialog and it ask for drivers to install , i tried but cant suceed then i change Hardisk SATA cable into Black port on board then it detects my partitions, windwos installs and run for two to three times and then when i Turn on my pc my windows stuck @ Windows Logo page after bios page, i check and my Hardisk was shown in bios .

      Now i change my SATA cable to Blue GB/s port and my windows start working again.....


      now i want to know that those SATA port both on board and Back Panels , when & on which devices should i use those ports...

      -Like -

      What is onboard Black SATA port use for ?

      What is onboard Blue SATA port use for ?

      What is onboard RED SATA port use for ?

      where should i put my Two SATA DvD Writers and Hardisk so i work for me

                                            sorry for my bad english

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          Hello naeembabakheil - The best advice I can provide you is to follow this link http://www.intel.com/p/en_US/support/highlights/dsktpboards/db-dh67cl?wapkw=desktop+board++dh67cl+product+support to Product Support for your new board.


          The SATA Section of the Product Guide and the Technical Product Specification will provide answers to your  questions regarding SATA ports.


          I also recommend a review of the BIOS update section. The latest BIOS for that board is 0156.

          You should ensure the 6GB memory from your old board is compatible with the new board and, with four DIMMS on your new board, you should should review the placement of the two memory sticks to get optimum performance. Regards. Peter

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            thanks for your help !

            plz just tell me brifly about those SATA ports on my DH67CL Board and Back Panel SATA USB's

            when and which device should i use with them. i am not pro so plz just tel me i have read guide but didnt get thoser point like SATA 3GB/s and 6GB/s etc

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              Look at the specs for your hard drive and your optical equipment to determine if it is rated at SATA  6.0 Gb/sec or SATA 3.0 Gb/sec. If 6.0 Gb/sec connect to the internal blue SATA terminals. If 3.0 Gb/sec connect to the internal black SATA terminals. Since the blue terminal is compatible with speeds of 6.0Gb/sec AND lower, you could connect your 3.0 Gb/sec to either the blue or the black terminals. The red SATA terminals are for eSATA connections at speeds of 3.0 Gb/sec or less. Do not forget to check your memory to ensure it is compatible with your new board! Regards. Peter

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                thanks for telling me that !!!

                now i know more my board...

                but how should i know that my DvD writer or Hrdisk work work as 3GB/s or 6GB/s.


                here is my devices ;http://i49.tinypic.com/admdg9.jpg

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                  I believe all are SATA 3.0Gb/sec. You can Google the specs or go directly to the manufacturers web site and check the specs. Regards. Peter

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                    thanks mate but i have low budget thats y i have bouhjt old second hand Dvd writers which were not listed on there site but anyway than thanks so i thought then 6Gb/s is for Blue/Ray or new device hrdisk or dvd writers is it right....

                    i also have hrdisk old which work fine till core ix3 DH61 WW board but make trouble with this board like ... for first time when i put all rams and hrdisk my windows run very slowly and load in 5-10 minutes,... then i formaty my windows and rstart to see what happen , for second time when windows boots my pc is unable to loads drivers, i think i have plug SATA cable in black port , then i change the port to blue , then it work and loads...

                    so it make me confused that how and whioch port is stable wth my old devices .. and not face prblem like the first ti