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    DH77DF Bios Recovery


      I build a system with dh77df mainboard. Installed windows 7 64bit. Everything when fine, until I disided to do a bios update using the 'recomended' method (.exe). After running the executable the computer rebooted and never booted again since then. The cpu fan doesn't even turn, unless I remove the bios jumper. I tryied copying the .bio file to usb and a cd drive but nothing..

      Any help would be appreciated.....

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          Marc Janssen

          Hi Daniel,


          Happened to me too. Took it back to my supplier. Supplier found nothing wrong with the mobo

          So here's my advice. Unplug everything, meaning disconnecting the PSU. Let it sit for a couple of minutes. Re-plug and check again. See if it boots. If so, use the recovery method to flash your BIOS.


          Hope this helps.

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            I dont understand how the supplier found nothing wrong with the mobo... did he get it to boot?

            I've tryied everything even disconnecting the bios battery allong with the psu... and nothing....

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              Marc Janssen

              Yeah, I was surprised too. So I was trying to find a logical explanation, I left it in the static bag overnight, bought it 2 days earlier. Could very well be the supplier just gave me a new board! He performed the BIOS update himself. I just sat there waiting, So I have not witnessed anything.


              Anyway I guess there's nothing else you can do yourself I'm afraid. Take it back to your supplier.


              By the way I find the recovery option advertised utterly misleading too. imho.

              Real BIOS recovery is a default BIOS stored statically in CMOS from which you can recover, imho.

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                I guess its something to do with those new visual bios.The problem is this board was a gift and I cant reach for at least another month the person who gave it to me. So I dont know the supplier. What should I do? Send it to Intel?


                BTW thanks for the replays

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                  I would send it to Intel.

                  I had a similar problem with my Gigabyte H67 chipset. I updated the BIOS and my mobo died even though the update process was successful. That mobo was in my workstation so I had to work somehow and I went to the store and bought another motherboard (MSI) for about $119 (also H67 chipset so I could boot my system without any problem), and I sent the bad one to Gigabyte. It took about 2 weeks before I got it back fixed.

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                    Ok, so can I sent it to back Intel since I dont know who the supplier was? (it was a gift from someone who is now sailing acros the Atlantic Ocean so there is no way to contact him). Can someone from intel verify and help me with the details of where to sent it?


                    Thanks all

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                      call intel tech support and set up a RMA