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    DQ77KB and compatible 19v power adapters




      I am about to build a thin itx PC with DQ77KB motherboard, and i7-3770T CPU, all included in an Antec ISK 110 case.


      However, the Antec ISK 110 included power supply is not compatible with DQ77KB power connector (different diameter).


      And then I do not trust in this included power supply (little known manufacturer).


      I would like to know what external 19v power adapters are compatible with this board ?


      I found that : FSP Europe - Fortron Source


      Two of the 9 included tips are apparently compatible with motherboard power jack (7.4mm outer / 5.1mm inner) : is it enough ?


      The rest seems appropriate : 19v output, with 4.74A (90W output power). The i7-3770T TDP is rated to 45W. No discrete graphic card, and only two 2.5" HDD.