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    Intel Chipset Identification: 64-bit Windows 7


      I just ran INF_allOS_9.3.0.1021_PV.exe to update the chipset on my DZ77GA-70K system board.  The update utility said it completed - but, it took less than 1 second to run... leaving me wondering if it actually worked.


      I tried to use the Intel chipset identification utility to double check which chipset version I am running - but, it doesn't work with 64-bit Windows (thank goodness it runs on Windows 95 and Windows Vista 32-bit!).


      Does anyone know of a way to determine which Intel chipset software version I am running?





      Intel® Chipset Identification Utility

      Use to identify your Intel® chipset on your motherboard. Utility must be "Run as Administrator" on Windows Vista*/Windows 7* (No 64-bit OS support)