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    330 SSD Random Freezes


      I purchased an Intel 330 SSD 60 GB. The main reason I did so was to replace my
      OCZ Vertex 3 SSD that was unreliable. I decided that I will go with Intel brand
      SSD for my operating system disk and ocz as my spare gaming, program disk. Well
      I started getting the bad freezes its very random I would leave my pc on and
      when I got to work I couldn't connect remotely to it. After I got back home I discovered
      that its frozen. Everything would be on but the disk led on my case would not
      blink no I/O device would work. Only thing left was hard reset. In even viewer
      there was a critical error associated to unexpected shutdown kernel power 41.
      There was no other error that would refer to the freeze. The other day
      everything was fine I was able to connect remotely while at work, I got back
      home everything was fine. I wanted to play some when I double click on the icon
      system froze. I got mad I think maybe it's my Geforce 680 GTX but i have like
      850W PSU so can't be. I had all the Intel Drivers Installed including RST and Management.
      As someone suggested I uninstalled the RST driver and will see if there is any


      My Sytem

      INTEL CORE I5 2500K @ 4.6 GHZ

      ASRock Z68Extreme 7 (G3)

      MSI 680 GTX Lightning OC

      8GB @ 1600 |CORSAIR CMZ8GX3M2A1600C9B

      Intel 330 SSD 60 GB SATA III

      Vertex 3 SSD 120 GB SATA III

      Corsair 850 W Modular PSU

      Corsair Obsidian 650d Case

      Windows 7 SP1

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          Do you use the Intel SSD Toolbox? It is a free download that will help you maintain your SSD, and also tune your PC for use with a SSD. That might help with your problem.


          I also suggest you change your Windows Power Option to High Performance, and in the Advanced options, in Hard Disk, set Turn off disk after to Never.


          As odd as this may sound, have you ever run the Windows Experience Index utility, under Performance Options and Tools? It may have run on its own, but if you have no score, run it. That will tell Windows you have a SSD, and it will change some settings automatically.

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            Hi Thank You
            for looking into my issue.

            Whatever you suggested was done. After fresh windows install At first I haven't spotted my issue
            because I was turning off my pc. The other day I decided to keep it up running
            for a week or so to see how reliable it is. And that was a time when I start
            observing freezes that force me to do the hard reset and create a kernel power 41
            critical error cause of unexpected shutdown. Now I read a lot of guides and
            been to many forums it seems like some people have issue with Intel's very own
            IRST Driver and suggest uninstalling it. I did so myself and my pc is now going
            for 48 h + run that includes idle time, playing music, Photoshop work and
            playing GPU demanding games MAXED OUT in dx11.


            The IRST driver that I had was I see now that Version 11.x.x.xxxx is available to
            download but to be honest I want to see how far my pc goes without the freeze Without
            these drivers. I have very good hardware components and I very much doubt that any of them might be a



            Plus I haven't noticed any performance differences without the drive according
            to ATTO Disk benchmark speeds are same or very close to close to tell.