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    DQ77KB Can support four 3.5-inch hard disk


      DQ77KB Can support four 3.5-inch hard disk

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          Hello x7cell,

          I understand that you wish to know if you can use 3.5 inch SATA drives on the Intel(R) Desktop Board DQ77KB.

          In regards to your inquire, the motherboard SATA controller will support any SATA drive that meets the SATA standard, meaning that 3.5 inch hard drives should work normally.



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            I believe the OP was asking if the board can support 4 3.5" drives from a power perspective.  I'm am interested in the same answer. 


            I plan to use the DQ77KB in a 4 bay NAS enclosure and need to know the power limit of the onboard sata power supply.  I expect the drives to use no more than 5W, so the board would need to support 20W of sata power.

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              It has 4 SATA connectors, so yes 4 SATA drives (2.5" or 3.5") will plug in. However power is supplied by the Power Supply, NOT the Motherboard, so it's up to your power supply to power the drives. There is no "onboard" sata power supply, SATA\IDE\floppy drives are powered by the Power Supply, not the motherboard.

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                Shaun, thanks for your reply.  This motherboard does have an onboard sata power supply, see technical manual page 15 reference P.  The 19V input is regulated down to 5V and 12V to this connector to be used to power the drives.  The information i need is the power limitations of this connector, can it support 4 3.5" drives @ 4.4W each.


                The plan is to put this board in a small chassis with no "ATX" power supply with the only power coming from the motherboard 19V adapter input.

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                  I would also love to have an answer to this question!


                  I am planning to build a very small NAS with this motherboard, with a Xeon E3 with a 45w tdp.


                  I would love to know if it can provide power to four 3.5" hdds through its SATA power connector.


                  The DQ77KB also have an internal power supply connector, with 2 pins. Is there any PSU available anywhere that would have this connector, and would be able to also power four hdds?


                  I wanted to use this motherboard inside a Chenbro ES34169 case, with 4 hot swaps. But this power supply issue is really bothering me! ^^

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                    Hi there,


                    it's an older topic, but for anyone who's interested I was crazy enough and tried it, even gone beyond the 4 HDD: I've, just like the starter of this thread, been interested in building a (free)NAS system, so a small form factor but preferring at least 4 SATA ports and an Intel NIC, as is recommended in den freeNAS documentation. What can i say, I'm pretty happy with the setup, because you actually can run 4 3.5" HDDs on that onboard SATA power connector, just like the 4 + 1 mini SATA power (for ODD) connectors on the included cable would suggest. That setup uses 4 x Seagate ST2000DM001, each rated at 8W on r/w, actually tested 6,7W by a hardware magazine, though 8W might be a peek at POST. Encouraged by this I hooked up a PCIe-SATA controller card and added 2 more 3.5" HDD, this time slightly less power-demanding ST2000DL003, actually drawing 6.3W on load. It worked!


                    So yes, the DQ77KB appears to merely convert with voltage regulators and uses whatever it can draw from the PSU. Even though, for it to run on a steady supply, catching load peeks, it's best to power it with a higher wattage adapter, e.g. 150W, like one Intel recommends for it's AIO on this support page: High Wattage Power Adapter Designs for AIO

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                      Thank you for sharing this information with us. It will be helpful for other users.


                      Kevin M