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    Question about updating my graphics driver


      Hello! Thank you for taking the time to read this. I'm not sure if I have the current graphics driver or not. I used the utility that is suppose to help you figure out if yours is up to date or not but the thing is... When I ran the test in google chrome it said the driver was up to date. However, when I ran the same test in Internet Explorer (I think I saw that you have to run it in IE) it said that the driver was unsupported.


      So, I was hoping to get some help on this subject. I'm not extremely tech savvy, and I'm not sure if I should update my driver or not. I will attach images of the dxdiag screen, but if needed I will copy and paste the "All information".


      I'm sorry if I break any forum policies posting these pictures (I'm new here heh). If it helps at all, I use this computer to play World of Warcraft and with the recent updates to the game, a lot of people are updating their drivers if possible. I know this computer isn't exactly made for gaming, but I have noticed a drop in performance since I first started playing on this computer. So, any help on if I should update anything would be wonderful. Thanks in advance guys.