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    DQ45CB - 8 GB RAM - 32/64 bit OS

           Hi there,


        I have a DQ45CB board with 8GB of RAM and a PCIe video card with 512M. There is no other card installed in my system. It seems like no matter what OS I'm using (Windows XP 32 / 64 bit or Linux 32 / 64 bit) I loose some system memory. In a 32 bit Windows XP environment I see only 2.9G available. In Linux with a PAE kernel I go beyond that to 7.1G. Loading Windows XP or Linux 64 bit I match what Linux 32 with PAE kernel sees. I know that the board reserves a lot of address space for it's internals and I read the manual section but I didn't expect to be that much. Also I tried to remove the video card and used the built in one but actually the available memory was a little bit smaller with around 100M. There is any thing else I can try in terms of settings to maximize that 7.1G available ? My guess is because of the built in video card I have this limitation while a friend of mine with an Intel mainboard but without a built-in video card sees very close to 8G.   Any suggestions will be highly appreciated.



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