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    Intel HD 4000 driver doesn't do what it is supposed to do - display Windows 7


      Regardless of the so called Answered discussion concerning this, I can confirm that the HD 4000 driver is faulty - in a big way.

      As I previously posted:

      I have just built a new pc - i5-3570K processor on a MSI Z77A-G43 Motherboard due to my old AMD Motherboard dying. I didn't want to spend too much so am continuing to use my perfectly good ViewSonic Monitor - VG2030wm (using my well established DVI cable).

      I get exactly the problem described above. When I install the Intel HD 4000 drivers, it starts windows and then the monitor goes to sleep with no signal. When I install the Standard VGA graphics driver all is well ... except even when I try to play solitair it has no hardware acceleration - and my overall Windows Experience Index is 1!!!!

      7.6 for processor, 7.9 for primary HDD (its an SDD) - but 1 for graphics and gaming graphics.

      I don't want a graphics card - because of cost, and also heat - I have a quiet machine for the time being.

      I don't want to buy a new monitor either - there is no guarantee that it would work anyway.


      I have now tried an HDMI to DVI cable - same problem.

      I am not the only one - I shouldn't have to start editing the registry (and there is no guarantee it would work anyway)

      It needs to be fixed. NOW - this has been going on too long....

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          I have the same problem, but my mb is asrock h67-ge which has hd 2000 graphics.  So you can see how old the problem is.  I tried oem, intel, microsoft drivers (windows update), changed dvi & vga cables, all did f*ck all.  In the end, I bought a cheap and quiet gigabyte hd 6670 card (GV-R667D3-2GI) and all is well for the last 2 weeks, touch wood.


          Trust me, posting your problem here is next to useless.  Just get a card, any card, and save yourself weeks of aggro.  To paraphrase Jobs, life is too short to **** it all away.