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    Smart Response Technology and HM67 chipset

    David Gerber

      I'm a bit puzzled about this one so:


      Is the Intel Smart Response Technology (using SSD as a cache) available for HM67 chipsets?

      If yes, in which RST version?

      If not, is it planned?


      Because well, I do have an HM67 chipset (Alienware m17xr3), an Intel SSD drive (313 Hawley Creek) and

      RST But the "Accelerate" button is not showing up, even though the BIOS is configured in RAID

      mode (always was).


      Thanks in advance.

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          SMART Response Technology is currently compatible only with desktop chipsets, not mobile chipsets.  There is no information if that feature will be supported on mobile chipsets or not.  The chipsets that support SMART Response Technology can be found on this link http://www.intel.com/support/chipsets/sb/CS-032826.htm

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            David Gerber

            Thanks for your reply.


            There is information about these chipset supporting SRT actually. See http://www.intel.com/cd/channel/reseller/apac/eng/products/nand/feature/index.htm?prn#SSD-series311


            "In order to achieve this simplified caching usage model, the Intel SSD 311 must be installed in a system utilizing the select Intel® 6 Series Chipsets (Z68, HM67, QM67) and Intel® Rapid Storage Technology Driver, V10.5 or later."


            Which is why I assumed it was supported. A lot of other news sources also quoted these chipsets (tomshardware, anandtech, ..). Of course once I saw no "Accelerate" button after installing the SSD, I started to wonder.

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              David Gerber

              It seems with the release of RST, more chipsets are supported. If I check its help file for the requirements:


              Processor: Intel® Core™ i3, Intel® Core™ i5, or Intel® Core™ i7


              Check: I have a Core i7


              Operating system: Refer to System Requirements for a list of the supported operating systems.


              Check: Windows 7 x64 Home


              Controller: Intel® Desktop/Workstation/Server Express Chipset SATA RAID controller hub and Intel® Mobile Express Chipset SATA RAID controller hub


              Check: Intel Mobile Express SATA RAID (HM67)


              BIOS: RAID-Ready system and Accelerate feature bit is set.


              Not sure: RAID-Ready, that's definitely the case, and the BIOS is set in RAID mode. The option ROM also shows both my HD and the SSD upon boot. How do I know if that "Accelerate feature bit" is set?


              An internal SATA solid-state drive is present with a minimum capacity of 18.6 GB.


              Check: RST reports an Intel SSD of size 19088 MB


              A hard disk or volume (array members must all be hard disks) is eligible for acceleration.


              Check: the SSD should be eligible for acceleration.


              No recovery volume is present.


              Check: there's no recovery volume. In the option ROM, both disks show as not members of any RAID array.


              Unfortunately there's still no "Accelerate" button.

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                The chipset and/or the Intel Rapid Storage Technology Software may support SMART Response Technology however; the computer manufacturer may have disabled that feature when they built the computer.  I recommend contacting DELL in order to check with them if they disabled SMART Response Technology in that computer model or not.