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    TRIM on Raid 0


      Hi guys


      I'm using 3 SSD 520 60gb drives on raid 0 on an intel 6 series adapter (asus rampage 3 formula). From what I've been able to gather online, TRIM pass thru on raid 0 is only supported on the 7 series chipsets. My question, is there an after-market raid controller that I can purchase that will adequately support trim on raid 0? Thanks!

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          No there isn't, sorry to say.


          If one did exist, it would be well known and would have been popular with PC enthusiasts. That is, if it wasn't expensive.


          There's a chance we might see TRIM in RAID 0 in the 6 series chipsets, which would also require mother board manufactures to supply an appropriate IRST Option ROM for these boards, via a UEFI/BIOS update.