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    DQ45EK Intel VT-D not working with latest bios?


      I bought this board (DQ45EK) to be used in a VMWare VSphere installation, with VT-D support. (I am not talking about VT-X).

      This option can indeed be enabled in the bios, but somehow it's messed up, because VMWare won't detect it.

      I unfortunately flashed to the latest bios, and can't downgrade to other biosses to test if they do work. (Most of the time this is a bios issue).

      I see for example bios 86 or 87, that mentions a fix for VT-D. I tried to flash that bios, but all older biosses get rejected by the flasher.


      Is this not working VT-D a know issue? Are there any beta biosses available to fix this? Do I need to disable or enable other bios features to get this working?

      Or is there a way I can downgrade my Bios?