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    Why isn't my new q6600 quad core processor not working?


      Tried to update my DQ965GF boards e7200 processor to a q6600 and all I get is all kinds of blue screens of death with different error

      messages ( 0x00000019 ...., 0x00000050..., 0x0000007E....etc.).  Intel Processors and Boards compatibility tool says the q6600 should work with my BIOS number and board. Tried reinstalls, safe mode, different hard drive with new software (windows 7), tried to get the latest BIOS update but it will not let me do that either, .... Any one else had this problem with a q6600? Reinstalled my e7200 and it works fine. In fact the e7200 isn't

      even listed on the compatibility list. How can I findout if the q6600 is bad? thanks.

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