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    I have some problem with my Intel Core i7 2630QM and it's Fan


      I have a laptop with Intel Core i7 2630QM , at first it working normal but in recent days it have some problem .

      Firstly the CPU are working with low performance , so i tested it with CINEBENCH and result is 1,41 pts for CPU and 11,49 fps for OpenGL , this was bad .

      You can see here

      Secondly , my Intel Turbo Boost does not working , exactly the column of clock never jump up and down even when i play game , do heavy work ,..

      It look like here . Previously it still runs good

      Finally , the fan of CPU is run max speed without the control every time the power on , it nerver stop until power off .

      I need a help for my CPU , sometime it make me trouble.

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          Since this is a laptop system, I would suggest installing the latest BIOS version for your laptop, and if that does not solve the issue, then I would suggest contacting the laptop manufacturer for support on this product.

          Keep in mind that we manufacture the processor, but not the cooling solution on a laptop system, and since it is a laptop system, the BIOS is also developed by the laptop manufacturer.

          Performing a clean installation of the operating system would be  a good idea, but you still need to contact the laptop manufacturer for assistance on performing this step.