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    i5 Intel 2nd gen laptop turbo boost help!


      My processer (intel i5 second gen) has a function were if im not rendering a video or playing games it doesn't use most of the precceser to conserve energy on my laptop.

      Well whenever I want to play a game it goes into turbo boost going from 2.5ghz to about 3.0.

      Heres the problem , turbo boost does not activate when im playing some games even though I need the power.

      So whenever I try to play Skyrim or CSGO i get terrible frames. However if I play say Fallout or COD it goes into turbo boost mode.

      Is there anyway to make it so i can control the turbo boost or make it work with those games?

      I need help!

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          Currently there is no way to force the Intel Turbo Boost to work at a specific times, this is because the Intel Turbo Boost feature controller by the operating system and any particular application or game, in other words, the operating system and the running software (application or game) is the one that determines when to use Intel Turbo Boost and when not to use it.

          In this particular case, I would suggest contacting the game developer to see if they have any patch that can properly take advantage of this feature, also install all the available updates for the operating system.