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    S5520UR empty black display


      The display is picking up a signal, but it's only displaying all black. The diagnostic LEDs are (all 8) flashing on/off together fairly quickly.



      Intel S5520UR board

      Intel L5520 CPU

      1x 8GB ECC Registered DIMM 1.5V in Slot A1 (2nd closest slot to CPU1)

      Generic Case


      I do not know what the last owner did to the system but I was assured that it is/was working.


      I have attempted BIOS recovery from a FAT16 USB flash drive using the newest recovery files (R0061Rec.cap) but it seems to always be stuck at checkpoint 0xD6: Trying to boot device selection 6


      Where is boot device selection 6? Is there something else I should try before a BIOS recovery?,