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    DH61AG and i7-3770S processor startup


      After reviewing the supported processor I bought both, based on being able to update teh BIOS to support the processor.



      I've also reviewed teh below link about updation the BIOS


      My question is how do you go through the flow chart and verify the boards AA# and bios version before you install the i7-3770S processor.  Can you power up the board without the processor installed to get this information.  And can you update the bios without the processor installed.


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          Please look here for how to identify the AA#.


          The BIOS version will be displayed in the BIOS, press F2 during boot to enter Setup Utility and observe (main screen probably) the BIOS version.


          I don't think you can get to BIOS without a CPU. If you look at this page though, it doesn't matter since all version of the BIOS are supposed to support the i7-3770S.