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    long time running PC with Intel DP DP55WG motherboard now won't boot


      Hi all,


      This is a machine I built 3 years ago with an i7 processor and DP55WG motherboard.  I haven't made any hardware changes recently.  I was playing a game today using the machine which was pushing the GPU and CPU pretty hard (I could hear the fans speeds picking up) when suddenly the machine powered itself off and back on.  The machine did not come back up.  There's no video signal which led me to believe that maybe the video card is dead, but there's also no power to the USB keyboard or mouse.


      I turned the machine off, unplugged it and left it off for a few hours.  I powered it up again - still no boot.  I opened up the case - the CPU, GPU and case fans all turn on and I can hear the hard drive doing its POST, and there's a blue light lit on the motherboard, but that's it.


      I have another video card I'm going to try, but I am concerned that it's the motherboard or CPU.  Any ideas?  Anything else I should try?  There's a small LED on the motherboard which usually shows a number when running I think - it's not showing any numbers right now when turned on.


      Thanks in advance,




      Update: swapping in a different video card didn't help.