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    Unable to Install windows_7 on Intel motherboard S5520SC "Freezing upon completing install"

    Eric Raymond



      I have found many people having the same issue as I, and I have tried what has worked for them, but I am still not able to install windows 7. The issue is Windows 7 hangs at about 70% completed.


      I have tried AHCI, Enhanced, Compatibility, and SWRAID, all with similar results of the installing hanging after the reboot when it is going to configure the Registry Settings. Once it gets to the screen with the progress bar, it just hangs there. The screen quickly flashes, and then nothing happens. I have left it in this state for about 10 hours last night to see if anything happen. I end up having to force a reboot, and then upon reboot the install is no good and I have start over.


      My Mouse and keyboard would freeze up on me sometimes but other times they remain active at this point. I have taken out one video card, and diconnected the other hard drive. I left 4 gigs of RAM installed and removed the rest. I have unplugged the Keyboard and Mouse at the reboot, and I have left them attached, and I have the same issue each and every time at 70% completion it hangs.


      I do not have onboard video so I have to leave one of the video cards installed so I can see what is going on. Please if anyone has any idea as to what I can do to resolve this issue it will be much appreciated. Thank you for your time.