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    Intel Core i5 speed is not as expected

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      I have laptop Dell Inspiron N4010 and it has Intel Core i5 processor with speed 2.53 GHz on it.

      My normal was working normally, until two weeks ago.

      After boot, it works normally and nothing wrong happened.

      If i use application like Adobe Premiere or After Effects or any games, it start to be very lag.

      If i see to the CPU meter, it will show me 100% usage.

      I already have this laptop for 2 years and a problem like this never happened before.

      To  check what is happening to my laptop, i install Intel Processor Identification Utility.


      The picture below show my procesor condition after boot:



      And this picture below show my processor condition when the lag is happening:



      I already tried to scan my laptop with antivirus and anti malware, but i have found nothing.

      I also already formatted my laptop, but the same problem still happened.

      I hope someone here can help me to solve this problem.

      Any comments and suggestions are welcomed.


      Thank you.