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    which is faster: (DQ45CB+Q9650) or (Xeon E5400)


      I am confused. Alfter a lot of researcha and findings, i found that the price in which i am purchasing my (DQ45CB+Q9650) system, I can also purchase a Xeon. The cost of Q9650 and Xeon E5420 is same here in my city.


      1. I need the machine to use it just for testing purpose for installing Hyper-V. Any suggestions whcih will be better, Q9650 or E5420?
      2. Also, second hurdle is a Motherboard for Xeon E5420. My vendor here says that the S5400xv SATA motherboard will go with the processor but Intel site doesnt show it in compatible list. D5400XS is very expensinve and is unavailable. What to do?



      Please suggest