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    The problem with vertical tearing (Intel 3000)


      Good day! I bought notebook Asus N53SM (Core i3, Intel 3000 GMA HD, Nvidea 630M)


      When i am watching online video (for example Youtube), i have problems with breaking frames.

      The top fifth of the screen as it is late and appears for a split second

      later, by the ever-present as a kind of boundary in

      image (most clearly seen in dynamic scenes). I think there is a problem with the vertical synchronization  (especially

      clearly seen when viewing the test video


      Video_Tearing_test__test_vertikalnoy_sinhronizatsii_ /, the upper fifth of the column




      The problem occurs only when watching video online (when viewing

      video players, there is no problem.) What I've tried: different browsers,

      reinstalled flash player, tried to disable hardware acceleration,

      tried to disable / enable HTML5 - nothing helps.



      If i change the browser program in panel Nvidea from integrated video

      to discrete video - the problem is only getting worse: border becomes 2

      instead of one, and they are clearly marked. The enable of the vertical

      synchronization and triple buffering in this does nothing.


      I have latest version of drivers (integrated and descrete).


      I tried to start vertical syncronization in the panel of Intel too - not helping.


      Can anyone help me? Thank you!

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          The combination of using an external video card and the Intel on-board graphics controller in one system is call Switchable Graphics.


          The Intel graphics drivers are not compatible with Switchable Graphics, and the drivers from your system manufacturer must be used.


          I recommend you contact your system manufacturer for support and drivers.