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    RST + Seagate Momentus XT Compatibility

    Bruno Baptista



      I've looked around a little and couldn't find anyone with this exact same doubt.


      I've purchased a laptop some days ago (should arrive on Tuesday) which comes with a 1TB 5400 RPM drive + 32GB SSD Caching using Intel RST.


      I was not happy with the 5400RPM and decided to go with the Momentus XT..


      But right now I'm wondering if it was a good choice.. Will I be able to use the RST Caching altogether with the Momentus XT with it's 8GB caching?


      Even if it does, will it bring any benefits? Or I better install the OS on the 32GB mSata (hoping 32GB will be enought trying to keep everything else away from this 32GB drive).



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          We have not tested Intel® Smart Response technology on Intel(R) Rapid Storage Technology with any type of Solid State Hybrid Drives so we are not aware of any compatibility issues when using that type of drives.


          In this case you might try setting up that configuration and check if your system will be able to support it and perform properly.

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            Bruno Baptista

            Thanks Diego.


            I ended up doing that setup on Tuesday when it arrived.


            When I removed the HDD that came and put the Momentus XT, once I turned on the computer Intel RST Rom came up warning about broken RAID link, which was expected.


            I removed the volumes created there and did a clean Windows install on the partition I had created for the system on the Momentus XT.


            After that I installed the RST drivers and applications (the one that comes from Dell), set up RST on the application and it said it was working.


            So far I didn't do any tests regarding speed or such as I still have to migrate data from my old laptop to the new one, but at least application wise it says everything is working as expected.


            Hope it helps.