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    Any plan to market an ATX motherboard with Q77 chipset?



      I noticed that currently there aren't motherboard companies having an ATX form mobo with the Intel Q77 chipset. I do mean ATX form factor and not mATX, u ATX or any smaller format. Q77 is very useful for workstations, and workstations have usually middle tower cases because they have many components and need proper ventilation so they don't heat and make noise. Also, with boards smaller than ATX you miss slots and space, and usually you need them in a work enviroment. So, it's Intel going to market an ATX Q77 motherboard within the next months?

      I am going to build two new workstations within the next two months and I need Q77 chipset because it has VT-x and PCI support, that lacks in Z77 and others chipset made for i7 Ivy Bridge processors.