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    Network problem with ss4000-e NAS



      I recently bought a gigabit switch(TPLINK SG1005D) since my router was 100mbps. The problem is that while my pc connects at 1Gbps, the NAS connects at 100mbps. I can't find an option about it in the interface so I suppose it should do it automatically. The NAS's firmware is the latest (1.4 710 build). Is it possible that the switch is not supported? Or am i missing something?

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          xnick, The SS4000 uses the Intel® 82541 Gigabit Ethernet Controller. It'll support 10/100/1000 Ethernet speeds. The 82541 also suppports IEEE 802.3ab which provides Auto-Negotiation. In other words, if everything is configured correctly for Auto-Negotiation, it should find the highest common speed and use it. There's no configuration necessarty for the SS4000. Regards, John

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            Well i can't for the life of me figure what i have done wrong.

            The switch supports IEEE 802.3x so no problems there. It supports auto-negotiation so no problems there either. I don't think I have connected anything wrongly, and the NAS connects in gigabit when connected straight to the pc so no problems there either. The switch is unmanaged so I can't check for any settings there.