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    High Thermal state in BIOS DG41WV


      I am an experienced builder and have built over 300 systems this year alone. I have not used Intel boards until recently as I was in my local Ma & Pa computer store and they had a DG41WV on special. I bought it on impulse because I wanted to build my brother a web surfing machine, he is still running a build I did for him back in 2003. The price was right and I have a plethora of Legacy products just sitting around.


      I am using an Intel E7500 CPU, with 4GB of Crucial DDR3 1333. I always bench test it prior to putting in the case. I make sure it posts into the BIOS, and I check the set-up (cmos) and thermal states. I noticed that the hardware monitor in the BIOS was showing a 63 to 69 degree Celsius. I figured one of the pins was not in place. They were all locked on the back of the board fine. So my next thought was, I applied to much thermal compound which I have never done before (AS5). So I cleaned it off and reapplied. Reinstalled the Intel heat/ sink fan. Still the same... 63 to 69 up and down. Then I changed the fan to 100% and it did not make a noticeable difference, expect being loud. O.K. now I am getting annoyed. I updated the BIOS to the latest, I believe the date was 5/2012. It got a little better, now it is 53 to 63. I do not like this. There is a message at the bottom of the hardware monitoring page that a setting is incorrect and the system may malfunction... This was present before and after the BIOS update. Loaded the BIOS at defaults, no change.The CPU and heat/ sink show 29 to 35 on my test motherboard which is a different manufacturer and DDR2. It has been my experience that a shutdown will occur when it is under load, probably would not even get through an installation of Windows or Linux.


      Is this a known problem with these boards or did I just get a lemon (it happens)? I hate to return it back to the store as they are really struggling to stay open and do not have any left. I have the receipt and am not opposed to an exchange of any socket 775 board that uses ddr3. The board appears to be of decent quality as the caps are good and such.


      Please advise.

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          touch the heatsink, does it feel hot? if it feels hot then the temps are accurate, if not then either the heatsink isn't seated all the way, so poor heat transfer, or the temp monitor is inaccurate.

          what voltage is the CPU running at?

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            The CPU is running at 1.272 V. Fan is running at 800 RPM. The heat/ sink feels cool but I have a hard time believing that it is not seated as all the pins are secure, the pin has spread the white plastic jaws all the way to the backside of the board to hold it firm. Maybe I am missing something. I guess I always just go through the motions and have not encountered a way for the heatsink to appear correctly installed and it is not seated properly. I guess there is a first for everything. Maybe I will try a different cooler tomorrow. I probably have a few extra. Disregard the comment I made about the settings malfunction, it is just a warning. I am not to familiar with Intel's BIOS, it is a little different than what I am used to seeing, pretty vanilla.

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              double check that the CPU and heatsink are flat, and make sure to clean them both with rubbing alcohol. Then apply a small pea sized amount of thermal paste and reseat the heatsink, if the heatsink is cool, you're not getting good contact.

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                Thanks for trying to help Shaun. I guess I will call Intel tomorrow or maybe the store.


                I tried two different CPU coolers. One was an Intel and the other was a Cooler Master. They both are reporting the same thing, 64 C. The board must be warped in the CPU area is all I can figure. Annoying as all get out. I have installed hundreds of Intel CPU's and never have run into this. I used a wood straight edge and it is clearly off as compared to my Supermicro test board. It must be a manufacturing defect as there is a noticeable divot in one area close to the lock down hole . I tell you one thing, I am not impressed with the Intel board for sure.

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                  I am going to say two things. First of all, you haven't seen any temperatures that should concern you. The Tcontrol temperature for your processor is well above these levels and your processor can run at its Tcontrol level constantly without any concerns regarding thermal degradation. Secondly, you should never attempt to make any determination regarding thermal issues while within the BIOS. Why? When you are in the BIOS, all power management capabilites of the processor are disabled and the BIOS is constantly consuming processor resources. Temperatures are naturally going to be higher in this environment. I would continue with your build and install your O/S (Windows, Linux, whatever). Once you have the O/S installed, monitor the temperature of the processor there to make your determination...



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                    Do not check them in the BIOS? So you would trust speed fan or LS Sensor, or Intel's buggy windows thermal software more than the BIOS state? I have been building PC's for many years and I understand what you are saying. However, there should never be a situation where the CPU E7500 should be 65 +C in the BIOS, period. I could care less what the thermal margin is. I guarantee you running Intel Burn or Prime 95 will fail. I almost want to waste my time to prove my point. I was humble enough thinking I was doing something wrong. I would never deliver a questionable system to a customer or even my brother. I also installed a E1400 right after I wrote my last post and it was the same. This is a defective product plain and simple. I chated with Diego from tech support and he agreed that this is not acceptable and provided me with a support ticket in the event the store does not take it back.