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      I will realy apreciate a help on these quetiosn:


      1. P45 Supports DDR2 as well as DDR3. What about DP45SG; Does it ONLY Support DDR3?
      2. P45 Supports Virtualization. Does DP45SG?
      3. Are vPro and Virtualization two different and independent things?


      I will aprciate your help in this regard,


      Wth Thanks,

      Amit Saxena

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          Hello Amit,


          Here are the information that you have asked earlier.


          Memory Support:
          Only DDR3
          Website: http://support.intel.com/support/motherboards/desktop/dp45sg/sb/CS-029151.htm


          Apparently, the board DP45SG does not support Virtualisation as it is not available on the TPS.

          Vpro and Virtualisation are two different things.
          Information on VPro on Website:


          Boards that support Vpro technology:


          VPro is just a platform technology, that supports:

          Built-in Management
          Managed – reduce your support costs with built-in management technologies*

          Proactive Security
          Safer – protect your PCs and your data infrastructure with built-in security technologies

          Energy Efficient Performance
          Energy Efficient Performance – improved performance with reduced power consumption with the Intel® Core™2 Duo processor inside


          To be able to get a VPro Logo, you will need to have some hardware specifications for that.

          Intel® Core™ 2 Duo E6xx0 sequence w/ Intel Virtualization and Trusted Execution Technologies, other CPUs as well
          Q family chipset with ICHx-DO
          TPM 1.2
          Intel® VTx capable BIOS
          Intel® VTd capable BIOS
          Virtual Appliance capable BIOS
          Intel® TXT capable BIOS
          Intel® AMT capable BIOS
          TPM 1.2 capable BIOS
          Intel® AMT Firmware
          82566DM Gigabit LAN
          Intel® AMT Status Icon

          So to be able to pass the VPro test, the board needs to support VT.


          Hope this helps.