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    Any specific command line to change screen orientation?


      Hi. I'm using ThinkPad X41T and X201T.

      Both are tablet models, and are using Intel graphics.


      Because they're tablet PCs, I get to use screen rotation function quite frequently, usually in certain orientations.

      The screen rotation buttons on the LCD bezel do their work and let me change the orientation pretty easily, but they just change the orientation in a sequential manner, going 90degrees clockwise, each time I press the button. This means I have to press the button 4 times when I want to return the screen back to normal orientation.


      I want to customize the bezel button so that the screen turns to the specific direction I want when I press the buton. Windows 7's tablet PC control panel does have the fundamental functions(button customization, customized button functions in accordance with current screen orientation) to make this possible, but I can't figure out the command line that changes the screen orientation.


      I am aware of the ctrl+alt+arrow hotkey, and I am using it on a daily basis, but I am not very fond of assigning a hotkey as a button function, and prefer using command line on such task.


      Does anyone know such command supported by "igfx~" applications, or Windows native application? I think I need a command line in "*.exe /suffix" or "*.exe -suffix" format to make windows accept it(this is because I am assigning command line as "run program" option)