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    SMBus Controller difficulties with i7-860 (audio pics / no drivers)


      Hi !

      I'm using an i7-860, with an Asus P7P55D Motherboard, 2*4go Ram DDR3 (from Corsair) and a Ati HD 5770.

      I have to deal with some various difficulties:

      -No drivers seems to be installed for the SMBus Controller - Intel 5/3400 - 3B30

      I would like to fix this but I can't find the correct chipset as I can't run the ChipUtil even if I'm administrator..

      So I would like to know how I can proceed further into the driver installation and solve this


      -In 3d application, video games, movies (played with VLC media player), I encounter various bugs, such as audio distorsions.

      Some dialogs don't end well: ex "it's very nice to meet... !" or sometimes the sound is cut for one second.

      In very long cinematic scenes the audio is offset from the image but in short replicas no errors can be heard.

      I've already restored (about 100 times) Windows Seven and still have the same issue.

      I couldn't say if this comes from the lack of driver for SMBus controller (but I think so).


      Well, I hope you can help me on the subject.

      Thanks again for your answers to come