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    monitor displaying zigzag white screen on startup of windows in normal mode


      hi all,

      I am facing a very odd problem from yesterday.

      while working in my machine all of a sudden the display went some thing wrong and displayed hazy white screen in the monitor. After that I directly switch off my machine and then again start that but after displaying the windows 7 logo at the start up the same display again occurred and after some time it restarts automatically. Then I open it in safe mode and it then start the windows very fine. Then I take the back up and format the c drive. But after formatting when it restarts and after showing the start up windows logo again the same problem shown on the screen.

      I think this is a problem related to motherboard graphics chip set. As safe boot runs in 16 bit it displays properly. But in high resolution it get disturbed.

      please give me some suggestion what to do now.

      The motherboard is within the warranty period and if I have to give it to Intel service center then please tell me the procedures that I should follow as I have not faced this problem in past.

      Thanks in advance and please help me.