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    DZ77BH-55k Marvell SATA problem.



      I had a hard drive connected to a Marvell gray SATA connector.  Whenever I put a very large file on it, the file was always corrupted.

      Acronis True Image makes 9 GB files when I backup an entire partition.  If I have Acronis put it on the Marvell drive, it is always corrupted.  If I put it on an Intel blue sata connected drive, the file is okay.

      Furthermore, if I copy a good backup file on an Intel connected drive to the Marvell connected drive with Windows Explorer, the  copy is corrupt.

      I got around the problem by putting both hard drives on Intel Sata (blue) connectors, but I'm not happy.

      I have the Marvell driver installed.  I have the 0070 BIOS installed.  I don't use RAID.

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          Hello Steve17,

          I understand that you are experiencing problems with the Intel(R) Desktop Board DZ77BH-55K when using the Marvel* controller ports and coping a larger file.


          I have heard of this behavior on the past at it got fixed when testing a different hard drive ( brand ) it may be some sort of compatibility problem with the controller and the hard drive that you are using.





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            Sorry VIctor, I didn't see your post.  Unfortunately I only have Western Digital drives.  I tested with 3 different models of WD drives.  They all have the corruption problem.


            Sometimes during the copy, Windows loses the entire drive.  It doesn't even show up in Disk Management.


            I still have the 0070 BIOS.



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              Steve, check with WD support.  There is a timing issue with the firmware on some models of their consumer drives (Caviar series) that mostly effects disks in RAID configurations, but what you are seeing could be related.


              We had a similar issue with one of our senior officer's workstation. Didn't happen very often, but when it did life got miserable for everyone. After several go-arounds with Caviar (Black) series drives we put a couple of RE4s into that machine and the problem stopped.  Followup with WD indicated that was the correct COA; the rep told us that the Caviar drives weren't certified for RAID operation which we all thought was a bunch of BS at the time, but who knows?

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                Thanks rbmorse.  I don't know if that is the problem.  One drive is a caviar black, another is a scorpio black (2.5 inch) and the third is an RE4.


                It is curious that nobody else reported this on this forum.  I have enough SATA ports anyway, but it's dangerous having ports on the board that seem to work, but sometimes screw up.



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                  I have the same problem and .94 bios. I have and m4 256 and a 2 tb seagate drive on the marvel. And the constantly disparate. It is getting very annoying. I have switched to a Samsung drive and a western digital, same results. always on the stupid marvel controller.

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                    Sam problem here.  I use the board with unRAID (a Linux OS) and the 1 drive connected to the gray port keeps on getting errors.  I originally had 2 drives connected to the gray ports and they both got errors, but then moved one drive to a black port.  I'm out of SATA ports and have to use the gray port for one drive unfortunately.  It's a Seaget 2TB drive.  So it seems that the Marvell controller has a problem.


                    Anyone found a fix yet?

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                      Looks like they have an 0098 update for it concerning Marvell, but I have not tried it yet


                      BIOS Version 0098 - BHZ7710H.86A.0098.2013.0206.1447

                      About This Release:

                      • Date: February 6, 2013

                      • ME Firmware: ME8_1.5M_8.1.20.1336

                      • Integrated Graphics Option ROM: 2143

                      • SATA RAID Option ROM: v11.6.0.1702

                      • LAN Option ROM: v1403 PXE 2.1 Build 090

                      New Fixes/Features:

                      • Updated processor support.

                      • Fixed issue where drive icon for Marvell* controller is missing in Windows*.

                      • Fixed issue where after enabling "Force Secure Boot defaults" three keys disappear and Secure Boot Mode is still "Custom".

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                        Indeed thanks.  I updated the BIOS to 0098 and have done quite a few tests that would have failed in the past so this seemed to have addressed the issues I had with the Marvell controller.

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                          That is good news so far jd, and we All hope it's fixed !


                          Please keep us posted for sure...

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                            I now have BIOS version 0099.  The data corruption problem with Marvell connected SATA drives seems to be fixed.


                            I may see another problem but I haven't been able to reproduce it.  Sometimes when the computer wakes from sleep, the drive is no longer seen by the computer.

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                              I have BIOS version 0099.  I can now confirm the Marvell connected SATA drives are lost after the computer wakes from sleep.


                              I have run several tests.  In Control Panel >> Power Options >> advanced power options, I set the "turn off hard disk after 4 minutes".  I set the Sleep after to 8 minutes.  So I only have to wait 10 minutes for sleep to occur.  After awakening, a drive connected to a Marvell SATA port will not be seen by the computer.   If I plug that same drive into a different port, there is no problem.  The drive will be still there.

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                                Correction.  The Marvell SATA ports are now working okay.  I needed to install the Marvell driver.  I had assumed it wasn't needed because I don't use RAID and the name of the driver entry is: RAID: Marvell* SATA Driver.


                                Go figure.  I think they ought to take the "RAID" out of the name or at least make it clear that it is required for all uses of the Marvell ports, with or without RAID.

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                                  Wrong again.  The RAID driver seemed to work.  It woke up from sleep twice and all was well.  But the third time I got a blue screen.  It didn't record a memory dump, no doubt because the drive was out to lunch.


                                  I think I was better off without this driver.  I will not use the Marvell ports again unless someone comes up with a real fix.

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                                    Yes, darn it, this problem with the Marvel ports on this Intel DZ77BH MB, and large file corruption, is still very problematic, especially noticeable when using Acronis True Image (any version) to create or restore backup tibs = 70% of the time on a 2TB+ GPT drive it will fail because of file corruption .  I've spent a HUNDRED hours dealing with this problem, and it all turns out it's all to do with the Marvel (gray) ports on this board using the latest updates.

                                    Switch the drive over to the blue or black Intel ports, no more problems.


                                    There is no fix for this yet after 4 years since it was reported?


                                    I can't believe this has not ever been fixed yet after all these years, or if it has since the last post from Steve - what is the fix?

                                    I can't trust my large file data to this Marvel port for another second!

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