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    Windows 8 Issues


      Today i installed Windows 8 Final version from MSDN but it is not working well on Intel Desktop Board DZ77GA-70K.


      I recorded some of the problems: Window 8 Problems Intel Z77 - YouTube


      As you can see, it is not possible to restart/shut down pc because it hangs. Also when it boots, i see the Intel image with the windows loading circle instead of the Microsoft / Windows logo.


      But there is probably more issues that i haven't found yet.


      Someone has same issues on any Intel Z77 board?

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          Solved it, but seems it's not 100% solution.


          Open CMD as admin, type:


          powercfg.exe -h off


          I also used the vbs sript here. How to Add Shutdown and Restart Shortcuts to Windows 8 to add shortcuts for Restart/Shutdown/Log off to the Start screen.


          After first reboot it was fine. At second try it hanged again. Tried 2 more time and it rebooted fine. Tried to shut down but it took 1 minute . I am still troubleshooting this.


          The second issue is related to bios i think. It is supposed to show Windows 8 logo but it shows the bios picture while loading Windows 8. I will report the issue directly to Intel Visual BIOS team.


          Note: All existing Windows 7 drivers except USB 3 (Windows 8 has built in USB 3 drivers so it does not matter so much) works on Windows 8.

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            I have Windows 8 Pro x64 running on my DZ68BC (BIOS 0037) with an AMD HD6700 video card. Which video card are you using?


            The only glitch I have seen so far was a failed startup. After updating the Intel Rapid Storage to everything is now rock stable.


            Windows 8 comes by default with version 8.x or something of the RAID driver, I can recommend the 11.2 driver. There is also a 11.5 driver but that has been pulled for QA reasons by Intel.

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              ASUS GeForce GTX 560 Ti. I have the 302.82 WHQL drivers but windows update shows a update:


              "nVidia - Graphics Adapter WDDM1.2 - NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 Ti"

              Odd, i don't think that driver on windows update is newer then the offical one. I think it does not detect that the drivers is installed.


              I don't use RST, neither the driver at install, nor the software in Windows.

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                Windows update for Video card doesn't work always 100% reliable. It is often worth to double check which driver is newer: Windows Update or the driver from the NVidia web site. Both AMD and nVidia don't publish their latest drivers on Windows update and require that you use their own website. As they have sometime strange numbering scheme's Windows will show an update for an older driver. My solution is to always check what is the best option and optional hide the driver from Windows Update (to prevent that it is installed automatically)


                You can check Windows Device Manager if it shows:

                Intel(R) ICH8R/ICH9R/ICH10R/DO SATA RAID Controller

                and iaStorV.sys Intel (Intel Matrix Storage Manager driver) in the driver details property dialog then you can upgrade to:


                Intel(R) Desktop/Workstation/Server Express Chipset SATA RAID Controller

                iaStor.sys (Intel Rapid Storage Technology)

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                  It seems Windows 8 has the Intel ahci drivers built in.


                  Shows "Intel(R) 7 Series/C216 Chipset Family SATA AHCI Controller - 1E02"

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                    Makes sense as your DZ77GA-70K has the Z77 chipset.


                    Which driver file does it use (???.sys). This can be seen on the properties dialogbox in Device Manager when you right click on the controller and "driver" tab-page and the "driver details" button.


                    if you make a restore point you can always try if the 11.2 RST driver improves something for you, a restore point rollback will get you then back to the original Win8 driver.

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                      Edit: Upgraded to 11.5 driver. When i went to restart it was hanging again so i had to press Power Button.

                      So sometimes it restarts properly and sometimes not

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                        justin strunk

                        *double post, sorry about that

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                          justin strunk

                          yep, same problems on my dz77ga-70k with Win8 RTM 64. USing latest 0049 BIOS.

                          Restarts and shutdowns hang, and work only on occasion no matter what bios or UEFI settings.


                          also sometimes receive a USBPORT.SYS BSOD, but likely due to driver incompatibility with board.






                          I have two EVGA GTX680's in SLI.... nvidia drivers 304.79 (beta) which are current and only ones that work with Win8 RTM do install, but upon reboot from driver installation if second card is in system, will show windows 8 load screen, then black screen, and bootloop after a few seconds.

                          Of course, these same drivers for Win7 ulltimate 64bit do the exact same... however prior WHQL drivers work fine in win7 with SLI enabled. So definetely something broken between current NVidia beta's in SLI for both win7 and win8 with this board.


                          Board runs awesome in win7 otherwise, just seems they have some compatibility updates and bug fixes they need to get ready for Win8.

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                            From another forum:


                            It was a known problem in Release Preview


                            In Command Prompt (Admin) type this and press enter


                            bcdedit /set disabledynamictick yes


                            Reboot and report here if the issue still exists.


                            As per few forums, the issue has not been completely solved in RTM.

                            It seems to be working on the first look. But i have to restart some more times to find out.

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                              Intel has added Windows 8 drivers to the download page.


                              Following drivers has been updated:










                              In case somebody did not notice.

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                                That's strange. I've yet to see Windows 8 listed in the "Select an Operating System" list anywhere that I've looked. Is that what you're talking about?

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                                  Ah, OK. I wasn't going in by Series 7 motherboard but rather by other components. That way, Win8 is scarce or non-existent. It's not even mentioned going in by some Series 6 boards that I tried.

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