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    Intel DP67BG (B3) + Corsair AX1200i PSU


      Hello all,


      Just seeing if anybody here is successfully running Intel's DP67BG (B3 stepping, BGP6710J.86A - 7/17/2012) mainboard in combination with Corsair's new AX1200i PSU?


      Last week I replaced my Corsair AX1200 PSU with the new Corsair AX1200i. As advised per manual I also replaced all cables/connectors from the 'old' PSU and used the cables that were bundled with the AX1200i.


      After assembling everything, I powered my system on and it came to life with all fans (case/CPU/GPU) and drives spinning, as well as all
      LEDs showing activity. However, my monitor would show no signal and my computer would not even get to the BIOS stage - no BIOS POST code and no BEEP ON ERROR. After making sure that I had connected everything correctly, I removed the new AX1200i (along with its cables) and put my 'old' Corsair AX1200 back in. To my surprise, the system immediately started without any problems after turning it on. So, thinking that I may have got a faulty AX1200i, I asked my vendor for a replacement unit - which I got two days ago.


      Once again I uninstalled my Corsair AX1200 and installed the replacement Corsair AX1200i unit ... and guess what ... my system would not start, showing the exact behaviour like it did with the first AX1200i unit.


      As before, putting my 'old' Corsair AX1200 back in, my system started (and still starts) without any issues.


      I performed the self-test on both Corsair AX1200i PSUs - which they passed successfully with a green LED. I tried to run both Corsair AX1200i with a bare minimum by not connecting any drives or GPU etc. -- to no avail. My DP67BG gives NO BIOS POST code, no ERROR BEEP.

      Corsair support told me that they're not aware of any incompatibility issues between the Intel DP67BG (B3) and their AX1200i PSU.


      Yet, I suspect there might be...


      Does anybody have similar issues/experiences?

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          There have been several discussion on this forum were people sometimes have issues between the PSU and their Intel motherboard. Using a different model PSU often solves the problem.


          For the DP67BG there has been an enhancement to the Power Supply Circuitry.

          AA code of new boards is G10491-305 and higher. Google for Product Change Notification 110583 - 00 for details.

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            Thanks for the information, vbaderks.


            I eventually went to the expense of buying a new mainboard, the Intel DX79SR Extreme Desktop Board. I assembled my system + the Corsair AX1200i two days ago, and so far everything's been working like a charm. I'm not having any issues at all, neither during booting up nor during operation.


            It really seems that the AX1200i as well as the replacement unit I got didn't like my 'old' Intel

            DP67BG (or vice versa).


            Problem solved for me, albeit at a high price.