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    DG45ID - Windows8 x64 UEFI install


      I have a dg45id board and I try to install windows8 x64 with UEFI mode with Intel's last official BIOS.


      In the BIOS, I turn on the UEFI boot and

      I try to perfect CD from a ISO file that is match form MSDN's announced hash value to install.


      Install situation is just okay.

      But after the 1st install that copy form a cd to a volume, and I booted It, that crashed like below.


      Middle of the korean means

      " There is no kernel or some error in the kernel, I cannot load the OS."

      "2012-08-22 21.15.37.jpg


      Windows 7 x64 with UEFI & GTP disk just perfect on my DG45ID.

      Windows 8 x64 with BIOS & MBT disk just perfect on my DG45ID.


      Is DG45ID those not support windows 8's UEFI?

      Or my DG45ID is just broken?



      DG45ID's UEFI version = 1.1

      windows 7's UEFI support = 1.1

      windows 8's UEFI support = 2.1



      Sorry my broken English and Thank you for your attention.

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