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    Memory in Intel D945GNT


      I'd like to add memory, but I can't find 4 matched 1 gig modules.  Will this board work with 2 2 gig modules?  I understand there could be issues with non matched memory if I went with 2 2 module kits of 1 gig per module. Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Jim.

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          Hi John,


          We would like to inform you that this motherboard will support 1 gig modules only:


          Intel� Desktop Board D945GNT — System memory

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            This is interesting, as it is contrary to information from the Corsair memory site, and I've also read another account  of someone using two 2 gig modules and the system reading it (effectively using 3.3 gig of it).  Corsair memory configurator for this board shows the kits with two 2 gig modules as being in the guaranteed list.  Now that's not to say these other people are right and your information is wrong, but it makes sense with this excerpt from your online owner's manual for this board.  IN SECTION 1.4 System Memory, the note just below the table with the supported  memory configuration, which by the way supports your information, there is this:


            "INTEGRATOR’S NOTE

            It is possible to install four 2048 MB (2 GB) modules for a total of 8 GB of system memory,

            however, only 4 GB of address space is available. Refer to Section 2".2.1, on page 47 for additional

            information on available memory."


            Why would the slots accept 2 gig modules and not work?  The system will only use 4 gig of it, but the modules would work. So would it only use 2 gig of the two 2 gig modules?   Kind of confusing.  If you could check on this and report back, I'd be very appreciative.

            Now I can get 2 sets of 2 modules that are 1 gig per module for a total of 4 gig, but then there is the issue of non matched sets may or may not play well together, and they are not guaranteed to work.  Any thoughts on going this way?   Thanks!   Jim.

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              Wow, no response????  How helpful is that?  Sorry for the sarcasm, but I really expect more from Intel.  I'll go elsewhere for the answers I need.  Don't get me wrong, I'm not bitter, just very disappointed in the lack of response.  Jim.

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                As documented on the Technical Product Specification and our website, the motherboard has been designed and tested to work with 1 gig modules only. We will not assure proper functionality with any configuration out of the stated specifications:


                Intel� Desktop Board D945GNT — System memory



                page# 16


                Also is important to mentioned that the motherboard was discontinued since 2008 so we don't have any updated information regarding memory specifications for it:


                Desktop Boards — End of Interactive Support